Förderverein des Internationalen Kindergartens Multi Lingua
Parents Association of the Multi Lingua Daycare 

Welcome, great to have you here!

We are the parents of the Multi Lingua International Daycare and have founded a Parents' Association. Why that? Well, we have all consciously chosen this daycare because of the unique multilingual concept, which is based on the immersion concept.

Fair enough, you may think. But what exactly does that mean for our children? Well, our kindergarten employs native speakers - which come on top of the statutory entitlement (Betreuungsschlüssel). This leads to a better children per teacher ratio than required by the Berlin Senate. In addition to that, the multilingual concept also creates a higher need for educational material. While we all agree that this is creates a better environment for our children, unfortunately it cannot be financed by your kita voucher (Kitagutschein).

For those reasons, all parents of our kindergarten have actively committed to funding the unique multilingual concept through additional monthly contributions. Only thanks to our great parents community, we can secure this concept for the long run. Would you like to learn more about us? Then please feel free to meet us in our daycare. We look forward to seeing you there!