Förderverein der Multi-Lingua-Kitas
The Parents' Association of the Multi-Lingua-Kitas 

Welcome to the Parents' Association! It's all about our kids.

We are the parents of the Multi Lingua Kitas, and together we make up the ever important Parents' Association (Förderverein). 

Why do we do this? 

To support our Kitas' unique multilingual concept, based on the immersion concept.

What exactly does this mean for our children? 

The multilingual concept is not supported by our Kita vouchers (Kitagutschein). Due to our additional parent contributions, our Kitas are able to employ native speakers (English and Russian).These native speakers are paid by the Förderverein (via the Kita Administration), and are outside of the Kitas' statutory entitlement from the state of Berlin (Betreuungsschlüssel). 

Additionally, the multilingual concept creates a higher need for educational material such as books and learning materials in languages other than German, and the Förderverein finances these materials as well.  

For these reasons, all parents of our Kitas actively commit to funding the unique multilingual concept through additional contributions (see fee schedule for current membership rates). Thanks to you, our parents, we are able to secure our unique multilingual concept now and for the future.

Would you like to learn more about us? 

  • Please feel free to reach out at anytime via our Kontakt page. We would be happy to speak with you, as well as to arrange a parents evening to get to know you better. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • To make a donation (above and beyond membership fees) and/or to view the Förderverein's direct bank details such as IBAN, please see the Spenden page. 
  • For documentation such as (1) Declaration of Membership form - "Beitrittserklärung" (2) form to update your bank details - "Kontoänderung mitteilen", (3) our Association Charter/Statute - only available in German - "Vereinssatzung", or (4) the current monthly/semi-annual/annual fee schedules - "Beitragsordnung", please visit our Downloads page.


Your Board

Lisa Lohmann (First Chairperson), Stefan Weilguny (Second Chairperson), Natalia Stark (Treasurer), Christian Luther (Representative Nordhauser Str.), Anna Fenner (Representative Ilsenburger Str.), Ruud van Loon (Representative Seesener Str.)